There is no such thing as a convenient time to suffer a loss, however losses that occur outside of normal business hours do not have to be inconvenient for your policy holders. Exceptional service is not limited to normal business hours at All Perils. With All Perils as your after hours claims solution, you can rest easy knowing that your policy holders are receiving the highest level of service 24Seven!

Our After Hours phone line is always answered by a licensed Adjuster to make the process seamless for your policy holders and to avoid any frustrating delays or call transferring. Your policy holder will promptly receive the necessary mitigation advice and instructions in order to minimize the damages and your exposure. After obtaining the initial loss details, our adjuster will determine if immediate attendance to the scene is necessary given the situation, and in accordance with your own After Hours Guidelines. Our Initial Claim Notice with the loss details is then sent to the appropriate representative(s) before the next business day has begun. All of your company’s claims handling guidelines, protocols, and vendor lists will be utilized as if we were one of your own staff adjusters. The process for your policy holder will be a smooth one, from start to finish.

Our 24Seven services are completely customizable to suit your specific requirements and preferences. Our dedicated professionals will ensure that your policy holders are promptly taken care of, 24Seven, day or night. Contact Us now for your customized 24Seven After Hours claims solution.